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Concussion Treatment: Concussion 101

There has been a lot of discussion about concussions lately. Here is some information for athletes and those who love them.
What is a Concussion? A concussion or traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a hit, blow or jolt to the head. This impact interrupts the functioning of the brain. In a given year there are reports of over a million brain injuries in the United States. Concussions can be mild or severe. Athletes can recover from concussions within weeks but there is a risk from symptoms that can be ongoing.
Who can diagnose a concussion or brain injury? A neurologist or neuropsychologist can diagnose a concussion or brain injury?
What sports are at risk for concussions? With any physical activity you can be at risk for a concussion. However, American football, soccer, hockey, wresting and other contact sports have more of a risk.
What are symptoms of concussion or brain injury? It is important to understand that there are more than physical effects that can occur with multiple concussions or a b…