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Parents Is It Time to Get Help Outside the Lines? (Athletic Stress)

1 of 5 part series of identifying athletes’ needs off the field.

Parents are getting their children involved in playing sports more than ever before. Increasingly, young people are playing organized sports not only in school but through park districts and sport camps. There are many options for organized sports. Parents love the many life lessons that can be taught through sport‘s participation. Learning team work, responsibility, and being physically active are a few of many benefits of playing sports. Yet 51% of youth athletes quit organized sport by the age of 15 years of age (Wolf, 1993).  Researches are finding that some sports environments are linked to mental health problems for athletes. These problems are pushing young people out of sports or it is making playing sports a less enjoyable experience.
When issues present themselves off the playing field parents may want to ask the question – Is ittime to get help outside the lines?Do we need professional help for our athlete?Comi…