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“13 Reasons Why” An Athlete Should See a Mental Health Sports Therapist

Even in today’s age of self-help, there is still a lot of stigma around going to therapy. This is especially true in the sports community.
Therapy or counseling (whatever word you are comfortable with) helps millions of people deal with all sorts of things that happens in everyday life. Therapy is a very practical way to address problems, issues, and concerns.
The process of therapy has many benefits. You can make discoveries about yourself, identify feelings, gain confidence and learn new ways of functioning. However, when it comes to athletes they are less likely to seek this kind of help or even report that something is wrong.
Since I am a therapist that works with athletes and being that the month of May is Mental Health Awareness Month I want to give some reasons why athletes SHOULD see a mental health sports therapist. I have  13 Reasons Why” in fact…and yes, the pun was intended. It is time for the culture of sports to stop avoiding mental health and mental illness issues. We must…