The Social Worker in London

I have been given a wonderful opportunity to travel to London! (I leave this Friday) The University of Maryland has an Abroad Program where I was accepted as a visiting student. The program is called United Kingdom: Sport, Commerce, and Culture in the Global Marketplace. This program is designed for those who are interested in the relationship, between sport,culture and international business within today’s global economy.
While in London I will be fully immersed in the complexities of the British sport industry. Through meetings and discussions with sport executives, daily visits to prominent British sport enterprises in London, such as governing bodies, corporate sponsors, sport media corporations, major venues and professional teams. I will sit in lectures given by leading experts in the field of global sport culture, management and media. While in London I will also be able to be a part of the Olympic Games.
I find it ironic that I am writing this post on the 4th of July, Indenpenence Day. This is the day in 1776 that the United States adopted the Declaration of Independence. We declared independence from Great Britain and I am on my way there!
Upon my return I will share my thoughts, feelings and experiences on my blog, Sports, Athletes and the Social Worker. So stay tuned!


  1. Sounds very exciting I forward to hearing about your experience across the pond.

  2. Very interesting. I had the opportunity to go to work in London as a social worker for over 2 years and have just returned. I'll be interested to hear your experiences.

  3. I just did a google search for "sports social work" because of an idea I had and your blog was the top website (I suppose because of this trip). I'm getting my MSW right now and have been interested in international social work, though. You should come back and tell me how your experience was .

  4. And I've just realized that your entire blog is exactly about "sports social work".

  5. Hi...professional social workers. It was a great thing that I had.. I got the field which im interested. I am an athlete as well as social worker and my area of interest is athlete and their problems.Hope this blog wil give me informations required to build my career.


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